Self Innovation OS

Luke Geruson
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  • Self Innovation OS is the most simple and powerful Notion Workspace System for turning your lifestyle vision into reality. Self Innovation OS helps you evolve from a consumer into a contributor by changing your lifestyle approach to systems thinking

  • The package includes of three Notion templates, video tutorials, and a coaching call.

  • Visit The Self Innovation OS Homepage for more info!

    "Give a man to fish, and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime"

What's Inside Self Innovation OS Notion Templates:

  1. Vision

    • Discover your life purpose and value alignment

    • Develop your long-term vision

    • Build your 1-year roadmap

    • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Review checkpoints

    • Create systems and objectives for your lifestyle categories

    • Bonus lifestyle Templates

  2. Knowledge

    • Systematically capture and prioritize knowledge

    • Organize information on a hierarchy of quality, source, and topic

    • Turn your notes into wisdom and actions

  3. Action

    • Focus on actions that are important instead of urgent

    • Prioritize actions using the 80/20 rule

    • Create rapid action plans for your projects, outcomes, and commitments

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